Tannerie Arnal’s story

Tannerie Arnal has been located at the Monastère sous Rodez in Aveyron since 1880.

And different events have happened for more than 140 years : from a traditional business to an innovative and modern company. Welcome to Tannerie Arnal.



1880 : Auguste ARNAL acquired the artisan tannery at Monastère sous Rodez which employed approximately 12 to 15 people and manufactured leather for saddlery and harness making.

1919 : The tannery expanded with two premises located on either side of the Aveyron. With around 20 workers, production and techniques diversified and evolved with industrial equipment replacing tasks that were previously carried out by hand.

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 1938 : transfer of the activity to the premises of the former abbey spinning mill in Le Monastère sous Rodez.


In the 50’s, with the mechanisation of agriculture, new needs emerged for industrial and sporting uses. While retaining its traditional full-thickness leather production, the tannery redirected part of its production and became one of the French specialists in soft chrome-tanned cow’s leather.

In the 60’s, the market for thin and supple leathers grew and the tannery also manufactured for the shoe market. The purchase of finishing equipment also allowed activity to begin in the leather goods and furniture market. The workforce numbered 60 people.

The growth in activity revealed the need for an extension of the facilities of more than 5,000 m² on the banks of the Aveyron.

This expansion met new needs for industrial uses. This evolution led to the development of materials adapted to these various uses while the tannery continued to produced its traditional full-thickness leather throughout the 90s and 2000s.

In 1965, François Arnal, son of André Arnal who had been in charge since 1945, came to work alongside his father and diversified his activities. Passionate about horses, he took part in the development of the “equestrian saddlery” sector at the national level with chair and quarter leather as well as pre-stretched leather. These successful leathers enabled the tannery to develop its export business. Arnal leathers were exported to all continents.

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The 21st…

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In 2005, the company left the family, and it continued its activity.

Recognised for its know-how, the TANNERIE ARNAL SAS is one of the few European manufacturers able to master, even today, all types of tanning (vegetable, mineral and combined), on the same production site, and to offer all the leathers needed for saddlery work.

Traditional know-how (upholstery, saddlery and footwear) is enhanced by an ongoing search for new processes and supported by the development of leathers for other sectors of activity: leather goods, industry and many other creative and craft activities.

Holder of the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label since 2015, the company promotes its traditional know-how (saddlery, saddlery and footwear), through a continuous search for new processes at the service of other sectors of activity : leather goods, industry and many other creative and craft activities.

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