Tannerie Arnal

Established in 1880, Tannerie Arnal specializes in vegetable, chrome and combination tanning to produce cattle leather for saddlers, shoemakers, bagmakers, upholsterers and other master craftsmen and women.

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Tanning in the Aveyron since 1880

An innovative and modern living heritage company drawing on the tradition of a nineteenth-century tannery.

Tannerie Arnal was founded by Auguste Arnal in 1880 at Rodez, on the banks of the river Aveyron, to produce the leather used in making harnesses and other equipment for draught animals.

Drawing on a wealth of expertise handed down through generations of master craftsmen, Tannerie Arnal continues to evolve and adapt to new markets and the latest production techniques to ensure the continued satisfaction of our customers and partners.

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Leathers for your business

Full-grain soft or firm calfskin, full-grain aniline, thick bull leather, natural and dyed-through vegetable-tanned leather…

Tannerie Arnal continues to make products for the saddlery business, such as its world-renowned stirrup leather, as well as innovative leathers for upholsterers and makers of bags and accessories.

Our craftsmen and women are proud of their profession, a passion handed down through the generations, and they take great care in selecting and processing the raw materials to bring you calfskin, bull leather, aniline leather, full-grain leather, natural and through-dyed vegetable tanned leather…

Tell us what you need, and we’ll find the right leather product for you.

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